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Momin Solutions offers consulting services for the entire line of ABBYY software products, especially in FineReader Engine, and also deal in FlexiCapture Engine, FineReader, FlexiCapture, FlexiCapture for Invoices, and FineReader Server. We have expertise in integrating all of the products with existing back-end systems. We provide consulting services either on a time and materials basis or as a longer-term engagement.


Image import

The OCR developer kit can receive input from many sources. Images saved as TIFFs, JPEGs, PDFs or other image formats as well as digitally created Office documents can be imported while photographed text

Image pre-processing

To increase recognition accuracy, the image quality is enhanced during the pre-processing step. The SDK applies a wide range of imaging functions such as image rotation, binarization, de-skewing and others to optimize the image quality.

Document analysis

With AI-based algorithms and ABBYY Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT®), the OCR toolkit analyzes the layout of each individual page as well as structure of the document as a whole.


With the highest accuracy, ABBYY FineReader Engine SDK extracts multilingual machine-printed and hand-printed text (OCR, ICR) as well as various other information including, checkmarks (OMR) and barcodes (OBR).

Text export and document reconstruction

The OCR SDK offers many options for exporting recognition results and different levels of document layout reconstruction. Numerous storage formats are available: text, XML, different types of PDF and PDF/A formats, editable Microsoft® Office documents and other saving formats.


Comprehensive Set of Recognition Technologies

Powerful PDF Processing Tools

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Azure Blob Storage

Recognition Profiles for Fast Implementation

Azure Functions

Ready-made Business Card and MRZ Recognition

Document Classification with Machine Learning

User Interface Components

Sample Code Library

Azure Blob Storage

Compare Documents Function

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with ABBYY FineReader?

ABBYY FineReader is an OCR (optical character recognition) software that allows for the conversion of images of text documents and tables into editable, machine-readable text formats

What is a document set used for in ABBYY?

Document sets give us the ability to combine a group of documents into an overall package that is related to each of those documents. It kind of summarizes all different styles of documents into one package, and then we can analyze, review and process that package accordingly

How many computers can I install ABBYY FineReader on

If you are a natural person, you may install the copy of the program on one desktop computer and on one portable computer (laptop or another portable device) but you may not use the software on both computers at the same time. The End-User License Agreement is also available in the program

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